About Sifnos


About Sifnos

Sifnos is an island of 74 square km in the western Cyclades. A well watered and fertile island with easy slopes is guarded by steep cliffs, broken by only a few deep-cut bays.

Sifnos was inhabited from at least 4000 B.C. The island was very wealthy in ancient times, since gold, silver, and lead were being mined there as early as the 3rd millennium B.C. Remains of ancient mines, some dating back to prehistoric times, are still to be seen on the island, most notably at Agios Sostis. Remains of ancient fortifications, dating from the third millennium to the sixth century B.C. have been found at Agios Andreas, Agios Nikitas and Kastro. Another indication of the wealth of Sifnos is the fact that it was one of the first places in Greece to mint coins, beginning around 600 B.C.

Today Sifnos is an attractive destination for people who wish to discover the real Cyclades. There are few places in the world where you just have to keep coming back. Sifnos is definitely one of them. An island of unparallel elegance, offering high quality facilities and services embedded in an authentic environment of perennial character and rich tradition.


Life in Sifnos

Life in Sifnos

The moment you arrive on the island, the magic of the place lightly and gently settles over you. It does not take long to decipher this unbelievable feeling – its graceful beauty engulfs you in the first moments.

The traditional whitewashed houses speckling the mountainsides, the innumerable churches crowning every peak, the old stone walls, terraces following the contours of the mountains, the ancient stone paths and stairs winding between them, the olive trees and the orchards, all bathed in the most amazing, clear sunlight will leave you speechless; the clearest, bluest water of the sea, always nearby, the softness of the beaches and the incredible vistas to the other islands floating in the distance will take your breath away; the warmth, simplicity and hospitality of the local people, with their seemingly timeless rhythms and habits, will make you feel not only welcome but also invited to share a life and a place you can call your own. An island that emanates the easy sense that you are being away but also somehow home…


Experiences in Sifnos

Experiences in Sifnos

Sifnos has an exquisite dreamlike quality. With its 235 whitewashed churches and monasteries scattered all over the island and the picturesque villages expressing Cycladic architecture at its best, Sifnos invites you to discover its charms and share its secrets.

Probably the best way to explore the island is on foot. With an extensive network of well organised and way-marked trails that exceeds 100 km, Sifnos is heavens on earth for hiking fans. A bottle of water, some fresh fruit, hat and sun block and off you go! You will walk the same paths that island’s villagers have used for centuries and be blown away by the incredible vistas to the Aegean Sea you will experience on the way.

Another way to get to the heart of Sifnos is visiting one of the sixteen pottery shops that still flourish on the island. Pottery here is a true heritage that dates back to 3000 BC. The quality of the soil, the abundant water and the strong sun are the ingredients of this ancient craft that is turned into art by the skillfulness of the local artisans and the artists. Visit one of the workshops to see them in action, buy their handicrafts or take a pottery lesson.

You will begin to get a feeling of the true essence of Sifnos, the first time you taste one of the local dishes. Simplicity, freshness and deliciousness are the basic ingredients of local gastronomy. Do not leave the island without having tasted “revithada”, the famous chickpea soup. Even better if you get to taste it in a “panigiri”, a religious festival that takes place in churches and monasteries. “Panigiria” attract crowds of cheerful pilgrims that celebrate not only with chanting and praying, but also with eating, drinking and dancing well into the night.

A few days here and you will realise that letting go and getting in the rhythm of this graceful island is easy and pleasant and relaxing. Everything you dreamt of and then some more…


Summer in Sifnos

Summer in Sifnos

Can you think of summer without dreaming lying under the sun at the beach? If not, then Sifnos summers are perfect for you.  The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters that take all the shades of blue imaginable – from turquoise to deep blue, the water is a real treat for anyone who loves to swim. The beaches with their taverns serving fresh fish and lots of local delicacies will be your home for most of the day. The tamarisk trees will offer their welcome shade when the sun is high and the breeze will lullaby you to perfect oblivion.

There are a number of beaches you can choose from. Get a taste of the best known as well as of the best kept secret ones… Go to Vathi for its long, sandy beach and the fabulous views to the anchored sailing yachts. The tavern in the sandy beach at Chrisopigi offers a perfect excuse for a bite after swimming. Platys Gialos is a long sandy beach with restaurants and coffee shops, sun beds and umbrellas, a perfect relaxation spot. Faros and the surrounding beaches will charm you with their sweet ambiance, while Heronissos and Vroulidia provide a wilder alternative. Finally, never underestimate Kamares. Although next to the port, the water of the beach here is just wonderful!

Hat? Check! Swimming suit? Check! Sunscreen? Check! Let summer begin!




By Boat:

Speed boats or ferry boats daily connect Sifnos to Piraeus. It is a 3- to 5-hour ride by ferry boat from the port of Piraeus, depending on the season you will visit.  Please contact us for information on schedules and pick-up arrangements from the port. You may also wish to reach Sifnos by a sailing boat that we will book for you. If you are in a nearby island we can arrange for you a private boat transfer.

By air/sea

Although Sifnos does not have an airport, you can fly to Milos airport and make the crossing to Sifnos by ferry boat or a private boat transfer we will arrange for you. Another option is to fly to Sifnos directly by helicopter that we can book for you. It will only take 20 minutes from Athens.

Please contact us for any assistance you may need in organising transport.


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