See you all next summer!

The autumn is finally here, the summer bids us farewell, the port fills with people exchanging goodbyes and promises for next year’s summer. It looks like the time has come for us, the Verina team, to say goodbye and wish to welcome you again next year.

As the first rain drops hit the window panes and the days are getting shorter, it is time for us to leave too. However, our mind keeps traveling back to the beginning of summer, when we were happy that you would come and anxious to make sure that you would feel the warmth of our hospitality and the effortless luxury of Verina hotels.

Your voices and laughter are still audible in the empty space, the smiles at breakfast, the absolute stillness when taking in the incredible views, the full moon over the sea, the drinks by the pool, the yoga lessons, the dirty hands from the pottery lessons, the last boat trip to the beautiful bays of Polyaigos, the smells when walking in the ancient paths, the joy of vacation, the joy of hospitality, the beauties of Sifnos.

We owe you a huge thank you for the incredible summer you offered to us and all in Verina team, we would like to warmly bid you farewell. We miss you already… We look forward to seeing you again next summer.

Until then, thank you for the memories!

Nassia Papazoglou

About the author: Nassia Papazoglou

Nassia is putting our team’s spirit, inspiration, ideas into words. She is taking care of our website and social media presence and enthusiastically participates in any major projects we undertake.