A day in a Greek island spa

For most people, holidays mean relaxation, resting and exploration of new places. No matter what type of vacation you choose, spending time to rest and discover new places are key ingredients of a wonderful holiday. As a result, numerous resorts and hotels offer various activities to help their visitors spend their time in a pleasant and relaxing way, with spa and massage being at the top of the list. Either you go alone or with your friends or your beloved one, you deserve to take care of yourself, inside and out. You can find many spa resorts in Greece with exemplary amenities; no doubt that only one visit at a Greek island spa can revitalize you and make you enjoy your holidays much more.

It wasn’t until recently that the healing power of massage was acknowledged by most people, though it had been used for centuries to relieve pain. Thankfully, now it has the place it deserves. Haven’t you tried a massage session, you can’t imagine how healing it could be for your body and how relaxing for your soul. If you conduct a little research, you will realize that many spas in Greece incorporate traditional ingredients in their treatments, which makes treatment a completely different and unique experience. Essential oils from flowers and fruit, therapeutic herbs and fragrant plants are combined with rituals and techniques that nourish your body and help you relax. These sessions are certainly a gift to yourself; a reward for all the hard times you experience every single day.

You can spend a whole day or a few hours at the spa, depending on how much time you are willing to devote, your budget and your overall plans. There is a wide variety of different sessions to choose from; treatments meant to help you relax, nurture your skin and make it glow, relieve your pain, regenerate and give you energy. Especially if you are on a honeymoon (or if you just want to spend time with your sweetheart), most spa resorts in Greece offer extraordinary sessions for couples. Trust us; it is a pity not to enjoy them!

Of course, you need to make sure that all treatments are conducted by well-trained and experienced professionals, otherwise you will just waste your time and money. At Bostani Spa, we care about our guests and offer them rituals that nurture their body as well as their soul. Our professionals use proven techniques and therapeutic elements inspired by the Sifnos flora in order to offer our guests unique experiences. There are numerous treatments you can choose from, all of them carefully selected to make you feel totally reinvigorated. Browse our signature treatments, the body & face therapies, the wellness rituals and, of course, the sessions for couples and multi-day sessions and prepare for an extraordinary experience!

So, next time you plan your vacation in Sifnos and decide you want to spend some time in a Greek island spa, check out our treatments and let us pamper you!!