The Best Greek Islands to Visit in May

May is an exquisite time to explore the Greek Islands, an interlude where spring showers give way to the glow of early summer, and the Mediterranean begins to whisper invitations to sun-seekers. During this month, the islands are blissfully free from the peak season’s bustling crowds, the landscapes are exceptionally vibrant, and the sea transitions into a warm embrace suitable for the first dips of the year. So, if you’re planning a trip to the Greek Islands in May, this guide will help you make the most out of your spring gateway!

When to Visit the Greek Islands

The Greek islands’ allure is perennial, with each season brandishing its unique charm and reasons to visit. From the vibrant tourist season to the tranquil off-peak moments, travelers may enjoy the islands in many different ways. Whether you’re seeking the festive burst of activity in summer or the contemplative calm of a cooler season, even winter, the Greek islands offer an idyllic escape. Let’s delve into how each season shapes the experience for those looking to explore the Greek islands.


Spring in the Greek islands is a tapestry of blooming wildflowers and verdant landscapes, where the climate sets a perfect stage for outdoor exploration and cultural events. Easter festivities bring a unique vitality, where age-old traditions come to life.


Summer is synonymous with the peak tourist season in Greece, where azure waters and golden beaches attract sun worshipers. However, it’s also when prices soar and crowds reach their peak. But don’t let that discourage you, as the lively atmosphere and endless activities make it worth braving the crowds.


Autumn casts a mellow glow over the islands, the sweltering heat subsides, and the diminishing crowds restore a sense of peace. It’s an ideal time to visit the Greek islands for those in pursuit of relaxation, warm seas, and a slower pace.


Winter on the Greek islands is a quiet retreat, a far cry from the lively tourist season. The islands’ mild climate might be ideal for hiking, visits to archaeological sites, and cultural events. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s also a magical time to experience the islands adorned with festive decorations and traditions.

Is May a good time to visit the Greek islands?

May is a splendid time to traverse the Greek islands, offering an optimal balance between temperate weather, cultural festivities, and the serenity of non-peak tourism.

The Weather

Firstly, the weather is arguably at its prime, comfortably warm without the heat of high summer, making it ideal for both beach leisure and archaeological explorations. The average temperature is around mid-20s (Celsius), with clear skies, and a refreshing breeze that sweetens the days and evenings.

The Water Temperatures

Secondly, the water temperatures begin to rise, inviting the first refreshing swimming of the season. Though it may not be as warm as the summer months, it’s still pleasant enough for a dip in the crystal-clear seas.

The Tranquility of the Islands

Thirdly, the islands are still relatively tranquil, sparing visitors from the bustling crowds of peak months, presenting an opportunity to indulge in the authentic local lifestyle. It’s a perfect time to soak up the tranquil ambiance of each island, whether it be hiking through the verdant landscapes or enjoying a leisurely meal at a local taverna.

The Glowing Spring Landscapes

Fourthly, May’s vibrant flowers and verdant landscapes provide a stunning photographic canvas and an immersive nature experience. From the blooming wildflowers to the lush greenery, each island boasts its unique springtime charm.

The Easter Celebrations & Local Festivities

Finally, the cultural tapestry is rich as the Easter celebrations often spill into the month, offering an authentic glimpse into Greek rituals and festivities.

Therefore, a journey to the Greek islands in May delivers an exquisite blend of comfort and celebration, setting the stage for a truly unforgettable experience.

What are the best Greek islands to visit in May?

When contemplating a springtime odyssey amidst the allure of Greece, five islands stand out for their unparalleled May-time charms.

Sifnos, a hidden gem in the Cycladic Islands, embodies the fusion of tradition and luxury. Known for its artistry in pottery, traditional cuisine, and its many white chapels scattered around, ourisland is home to our boutique hotels, Verina Astra and Verina Terra, that provide an intimate and lavish escape. Here, one can meander through the labyrinth of whitewashed lanes with far fewer crowds than in the sweltering peak season, allowing a deeper connection with local culture.

Crete, the largest Greek island, offers a diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage that is pleasantly explorable thanks to the mild May weather and minimal tourist traffic.

Mykonos, though amongst the hottest Greek islands, provides a cooler and subtler pleasure in May. Without the bustling nightlife and density of visitors, it’s an opportune moment to appreciate the island’s iconic architecture and beaches more serenely.

Corfu is a tapestry of verdant hills and incredible beaches, where one can indulge in tranquillity before the onset of hectic summer days. If you are luck and Greek Orthodox Easter is in May, visiting Corfu’s old town is an unforgettable experience, since the Greek and Venetian traditions merge to celebrate Easter.

Rhodes is another popular summer destination that exudes a purer charm in May. Bask in an abundance of medieval sights, Byzantine ruins, and magnificent landscapes before the sizzling summer heat arrives.

What to expect from each island: The Ionian and the Aegean Sea Islands

As you journey through the Greek seas, you’ll find the islands grouped into two primary clusters: the Ionic and the Aegean. Each group possesses its distinctive spirit—crafted by history, geography, and culture—offering varied experiences for the discerning traveler. In the west, the Ionian Sea islands are allured with their lush landscapes and Italianate charm, while to the east, the Aegean Islands unfold in a sprawl, each subgroup contributing to the region’s rich mosaic of insular life.

Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are known for their emerald hills and cypress trees, with a climate that is slightly more humid, yet warmer, creating a vibrant green tapestry that sets them apart from the Aegean islands. Expect a more temperate experience here throughout May, with tourist activity beginning to pick up, yet still quite mild compared to the high season rush.

Aegean Islands

Conversely, the Aegean Islands are typically drier with a strong sense of the quintessential Greek island aesthetic of blue and white. The weather in May is usually mild and inviting, with the sea temperature starting to warm up, though the Meltemi winds are not yet at their summer strength, resulting in calmer waters.

In terms of subgroups, the Cycladic islands are perhaps the most iconic, with their sugar cube houses and windmills, whereas the Sporades boast lush vegetation and sparkling, sandy beaches. Meanwhile, the Dodecanese islands, closer to the coast of Asia Minor, are steeped in history, promising a blend of cultural influences and archaeological treasures amidst the sun-soaked landscapes. Each subgroup within the Aegean proffers its distinct version of Greek island life, just waiting to be experienced.

Why Choose to visit Sifnos in May?

Choosing to venture to Sifnos in May is to embrace the awakening of one of the most atrractive Greek islands, where the allure of nature and the warmth of traditional hospitality blend seamlessly. As one of the jewels of the Cyclades islands, it beckons with a promise of serenity and beauty, an escape before the animated tourist rhythm sets in. Here are three compelling reasons that make Sifnos a must-visit destination during this splendid month.

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Sifnos in May

1. Sunny Weather and Sea Temperatures

In May, Sifnos becomes a haven for those seeking a blend of warm sun and mild sea temperatures without the scorching heat that later visitors will encounter. The island is among the Cyclades that enjoy some of the warmest climates and sea temperatures early in the season, inviting those eager for bathing in the sea or basking on sun-kissed beaches under clear blue skies.

2. The Tranquility of Charming Villages

May offers the unique advantage of exploring Sifnos’ charming villages with far fewer tourists, allowing for a more authentic and leisurely exploration. The narrow, winding streets of Apollonia and the scenic beauty of Kastro can be savored without the crowds, providing a peaceful atmosphere that heightens the island’s ancient history and traditional architecture.

3. Flourishing Natural Landscapes

The island of Sifnos is resplendent in May, with flora in full bloom and the landscapes exuding the verdure vitality of spring. It’s an ideal time for walkers and nature lovers to traverse the network of well-maintained trails that crisscross the island. The temperate weather enables extended hikes to remote chapels or beaches and stunning vantage points that would otherwise be arduous under the summer sun.

Together, these elements solidify Sifnos not just as one of the great islands of Greece, but as a uniquely attractive destination for a May-time retreat.

Why Choose to Stay at a Verina Hotel

Nestled within the serene landscapes of Sifnos, Verina Hotels present two distinct accommodation experiences designed to cater to a range of preferences and tastes. Whether you are in search of sublime panoramic views or an enclave of relaxation a few steps from the beach, Verina Hotesl have an option for you.


Perched on the side of a precipitous hill, Verina Astra is a sanctuary of tranquility with nothing but the expanse of the Aegean’s azure beneath. The panoramic vistas from this spot are mesmerizing, offering a nightly spectacle, and every suite, aptly named after a constellation, seems purpose-built for astral admiration.

The unique construction of Verina Astra lends itself to a village of quaint independent villas emerging amid lush gardens. An open lounge area capitalizes on these stupendous views, setting an impeccable scene for sipping cocktails as dusk falls.

The infinity pool defies expectations, merging the boundaries between the sky and the sea to such an extent that one feels part of the vast, uninterrupted blue, extending hands to meeet the horizon – it’s nothing short of magical.

Another transcending experience is a visit to Bostani spa. Verina Hotels partnered with ELEMIS to create Bostani Spa, merging world-renowned beauty products with aromatic herbs and plants sourced from Verina Astra’s very own garden, to offer guests a one-of-a-kind wellness experience.

Accommodation: A Panorama of Elegance and Comfort

Each of the stylish, airy suites offers sweeping views that can be savored from expansive private verandas, complete with large tables and sofas that seamlessly complement the natural aesthetics of the locale. Varied lodging alternatives are available across the exquisite property located at Poulati, each one with its unique charm.

Location: So remote, so close to everything

Poulati itself is a sight to behold, where the rugged beauty of the land harmonizes with the view of the nearby Kastros striking silhouette. Just a 3 km journey from the scenic village of Artemonas – a place adorned with stately mansions and neoclassical villas, blooming gardens, and courtyards – you’ll find the region exudes a unique, sophisticated charm that captures the heart.

As you meander through Artemonas, encounter traditional bakeries and confectioneries offering sweet delights, alongside taverns, restaurants, gift shops, and markets.

At Verina Astra, indulge in a culinary experience that celebrates the local fare – enjoy homemade dishes crafted from the freshest island produce, tantalizing your palate with a nutritious, light lunch. Available is an All-Day Menu featuring snacks or “mezedes,” the Greek answer to tapas, ideal for poolside enjoyment or a hearty meal in the restaurant against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring view. For those preferring the comfort of their suite’s veranda, room service is on hand to deliver these delectable offerings directly to your private sanctuary.


Just moments from the soft sands, Verina Terra is discreetly positioned amongst ancient olive groves at Platys Gialos, offering a select boutique experience now known as Verina Terra, formerly beloved as Verina Suites. This intimate complex offers a variety of accommodation options, all aligned with the charm of Sifnos enthusiasts.

The design of the hotel pays homage to the local Sifnian architecture yet is infused with luxurious touches that elevate the overall ambiance to one of sophisticated minimalism. Guests will find sanctuary in simplicity, making the most of the indulgent comfort, from the poolside oasis to the bespoke cocktails, basking in the sun’s golden glow.

Accommodation: A Harmony of Style and Solace

Step into your private space, where aesthetics manifest as a seamless blend of earthy and blue hues, contrasting with brilliant whites, whilemarble features and built-in furnishings add a touch of understated luxury. Every detail, including the tasteful accessories, is considered to augment the room’s elegant styling. The complex itself sprawls across seven distinct structures, each one offering a unique stay that promises to meet the varied preferences of discerning guests. An ideal destination for family vacation too!

Location: The Vibrant Heart of Platys Gialos

Nestling in Platys Gialos, Verina Terra presents itself amid the island’s largest and most vivacious beach. A genuine paradise for gourmands, the area buzzes with an eclectic mix of restaurants, taverns, cafes, and beach bars, each serving up high-quality culinary delights and vibrant entertainment, setting the scene for an unparalleled holiday experience for couples, families, and groups of friends.

If you are a big group of people, Verina Hotels may offer you one more option that will turn your holidays into an experience of luxury and excellent taste.


Elegance and exclusivity are the hallmarks of Verina Villa, an opulent retreat poised directly on the tranquil shores of Vathi Beach. This sumptuous oasis not only boasts a private swimming pool, tennis court, hammam, gym, and a children’s playground within its extensive grounds but also stands as a beacon of design and luxury on Sifnos Island.

Crafted in line with the island’s traditional architecture, the villa exudes sophistication with its whitewashed rooms that serve as a canvas for vibrant art pieces, creating a dance of color throughout the space. The refinement extends to every meticulous detail, captivating those who appreciate the allure of subtle elegance. Within the villa’s expansive embrace, indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly woven into a sanctuary of serenity, making it the ultimate haven for a close-knit group of friends or family seeking both togetherness and privacy.

Comprised of three separate buildings, Verina Villa achieves a perfect balance, offering communal areas for shared moments and private quarters for personal retreats.

Location: Picturesque Vathi

Standing on one of Sifnos’s most scenic beachfront, Verina Villa is ensconced in the charm of Vathi. This idyllic setting is ripe with leisure options from delightful restaurants and cosy coffee shops to charming local boutiques. Regardless of how visitors spend their time, the peaceful allure of Vathi – one of the island’s most beautiful and serene fishing villages – remains an ever-present enchantment.

Best Way To Get To Sifnos

Sifnos is accessible and welcoming to both local and international travelers, offering a variety of routes to accommodate its visitors. For Greek nationals coming from the mainland, the island can be reached by ferry, usually from the port of Piraeus, with frequent services that increase during peak travel periods. These ferries offer a delightful journey across the Aegean, with views of the changing seascapes and neighboring islands.

International guests typically fly into Athens International Airport before making their way to Piraeus for a ferry connection to Sifnos. An alternative option, depending on the season and availability, includes taking a connecting flight to a neighboring island such as Milos, and then securing a short ferry ride to Sifnos.

Regardless of the point of origin, traveling to Sifnos is an integral part of the experience – one that is filled with anticipation and scenic beauty.

Still wondering about the best destination to visit in May?

Sifnos a beautiful island, with its sublime spring climate and vibrant seasonal colors, emerges as the ideal May getaway worth visiting. Isn’t it extraordinary how a single place can encompass so much beauty, comfort, and culinary splendor? Sifnos is not simply a destination; it’s a tapestry of experiences waiting to be discovered. So, why merely dream of azure waters, sumptuous Greek flavors, and pure leisure when you could be planning your journey to the precious gem of the Cyclades?

Embrace the call of Sifnos and let your story unfold amidst its enchanting vistas. The island awaits – your idyllic experience is just a voyage away. See you in May!