Never too early, never too late!

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    Real travellers tend to avoid the busy high season. They are wise enough to know that they will get to discover a place at its best when everything and everyone is more relaxed. So, when it comes to Greece, May-June and September-October are a traveller’s real paradise.

    Sifnos is no exception to the rule. The island is unbelievably beautiful during early summer – everything is green, wild flowers everywhere, the weather is so pleasant and the island is yours to discover without any hassle. Early autumn can be equally superb – the weather is sweet, the busy time of high season is behind us and everything feels so unbelievably free. Undoubtedly, people that have the choice to opt for an early or late summer vacation are very lucky!

    They are also lucky because now they can enjoy beautiful Sifnos at a much better rate too… The team at Verina Hotels has prepared an irresistible offer for these inspired travellers: Book a 4-day vacation and get a 20% discount for the periods May 1 to June 12, and September 9 to October 10! The offer is valid for bookings made until 1 August.

    Click here to see prices and make a booking at Verina Astra.

    Click here to see prices and make a booking at Verina Terra.

    Remember, it can never be too early and never too late! It is just right if you want it and can have it…


    The offer has expired.