Celebrating a Sifnos tradition in Verina Terra

Since the very beginning, we always felt that every apartment and every room in Verina Terra has its own character. Therefore, they always had names; they were never represented by a faceless number. When we started we wanted these names to express the enjoyment and the playfulness of spending holidays at Verina Terra. Lounging by the pool sipping a refreshing cocktail and feeling carefree and joyful. That was the inspiration for the initial names – Kir Royal, Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, Mojito, Daquiri, Pina Coladda, Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Dry Martini, Gin Fizz, Long Island.

However, as years went by, we started feeling that although those names did reflect the relaxed atmosphere of Verina Terra, they did not reflect its soul and aesthetics. Verina Terra is located in Platys Gialos, a seaside village that was home to dozens of pottery workshops for centuries. The bay was protected from the northern winds which facilitated the loading of the ceramics onto boats for their transport all over the Mediterranean. There are still quite a few pottery workshops in Platys Gialos carrying on the tradition.

This heritage is showcased in our hotel – the decoration in the bar, the ceramic tableware we are using… But we felt our tribute needed to be more evident. Hence the change of the names of the apartments and rooms. The new names are inspired by specific ceramic utensils or tools used by the potters in Sifnos.

We proudly present the new names…


The characteristic clay chimney used across all Cyclades islands was first made on Sifnos. Gradually it became widely adopted and is now a trademark of the Cycladic architecture.


The brazier that potters used in older times in their workshops.


The clay basin filled with water that potters used to wet their hands while they were working on an object on the wheel.


Nowadays, beehives are made out of wood. In older times beehives were made out of clay. These utensils were placed in holes in the mountains and bees would inhabit them and build their beehives.


A clay pot that locals use to cook a special casserole dish called “giouvetsi”.


A clay pot used when milking the cows to collect the milk.


A wooden tool that potters use to cut and shape the clay as they work it on the wheel.


A clay jug with a big spout that was used to collect water from a well.


The clay pot that locals use to cook a widely known, traditional dish that was actually named after the pot.


A clay jug that was used to transfer water from the spring or the well.


Another reference to the traditional dish of Mastelo. Klima means vine in Greek and is related to the cooking of the dish, as vine branches are placed in the mastelo pot before  adding all other ingredients.

Your introduction to the world of pottery on Sifnos will begin the moment you get the key to your room from the reception. The key tags are a reproduction of a pelekouda, a potter’s wooden tool, that carries a brief description of the meaning of your room.

You will love Verina Terra and Sifnos ceramics. That’s why you will not return home without buying a small or larger sample of the work of Sifnian artisans to remember your stay in Sifnos and at a hotel that is passionate about ceramics!