Yoga in Sifnos. Perfect regeneration!

Yoga is the ultimate way to relax and free your mind from every concern. You can escape from reality while being totally present in the moment and the place. It may sound quite contradictory, yet if you try yoga once, you will realize that it is possible. Apart from an excellent way of working out, yoga enthusiasts claim that it helps people get closer to nature and to their inner self. Hence, it goes without saying that nature is the best place for yoga. Especially if you visit a place for the first time, it’s a wonderful way of creating memories and bond with the new environment. Sifnos is reputed to be a superb place for yoga, that’s why yoga retreats in Sifnos are special amongst yoga fans.

The Nature

Nature is what makes yoga in Sifnos so remarkable; unlike many islands in Cyclades, Sifnos is actually verdant. Indeed, there is a “Natura 2000” protected area which comprises the flora that grows on the island as well as underwater. Everywhere you go you can see bushes and wild flowers, while there are many fields with olive trees and terraces with herbs. The whole island smells of thyme, sage, oregano and wild mint; ancient Greeks used for centuries these herbs and therapeutic plants to create remedies. Walk through the fragrant plants of Sifnos and choose the spot you like the most to do your yoga routine; there is no way you won’t feel regenerated.

The View

Everywhere you look, your gaze meets the sea, this infinite blue of the sea and the horizon. Sifnos landscape is renowned all over the world for being breathtaking, especially the view from Kastro. The view itself radiates calmness, quiet and peace. As you already know, yoga aims to bring peace and serenity to one’s core and every single move is a small step towards this goal. Now, imagine practicing in the open air; with every pose you will face the endless blue of the horizon and the sea. There is no doubt that the harmony of the scenery will bring you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

The Ambience

We can describe to you the nature and the view, but there is one thing that you can’t perceive unless you visit the island; its ambience. Though Sifnos welcomes a considerable amount of tourists throughout the year, it always remains peaceful and calm. The unspoiled nature and the locals play a significant role, but actually it is the whole experience of living on this island that fills your heart with positive energy. It is very easy to spend a peaceful vacation in Sifnos and that’s another factor that makes the island the optimum place for yoga.

The best place for yoga in Sifnos

What is the best place to do your yoga? Check out the yoga classes offered at both Verina Astra and Verina Terra. At Verina Astra you will experience unique moments exercising in the midst of a “bostani”, the Greek word for a vegetable garden, with an astonishing view over the Aegean. The yoga deck at Verina Terra, under the shade of the olive trees, is a totally different experience that will help you relax and enjoy the special energy of the place. Ordinarily, yoga classes are offered three times a week during the peak months and once a week during the low season. Contact the reception at both hotels to check out the schedules and reserve your spot!

Whatever choice you make, just remember that the nature and the calmness of Sifnos will welcome you wherever you go and will offer you a yoga experience that you will remember forever.