A special visitor to Sifnos

In the evening of 15 August, the people in Platys Gialos viewed something spectacular. The newly built yacht Yersin of François Fiat arrived and anchored in the hospitable bay of Platys Gialos. The 77 meter yacht with the characteristic yellow smokestack was delivered to its owner to be christened by Prince Albert of Monaco in June. The yacht is considered exceptionally innovative as it can be used for exploration and research projects as well.

Yersin made its maiden trip to the Greek islands and naturally Sifnos was part of its itinerary. Ms. Dominique Fiat, a prominent personality of contemporary art, is spending the summer on the island and follows the first “Journey of Contemporary Art”. She invited her brother and members of her family to share with her this special journey, organized by a committee headed by Mr. Dimitris Kouzelis, a friend of Ms. Fiat.

After cruising the Greek islands and the Adriatic Sea, the beautiful yacht will return to Monaco to participate in the Monaco Yacht Show in the end of September.

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