What about a romantic getaway?

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    Imagine yourself on a ferry making its way to your greek island slowly in the Aegean Sea. You are on the deck and your sweetheart holds you tight. You feel the sun on your face and shoulders while the sea breeze feels cool on your skin. You have nothing in your mind. You just experience the moment. Suddenly the ferry turns into a beautiful little port. You arrived to your destination. Sifnos, a small greek island in the western Cyclades, in the middle of the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea.

    You and your significant other disembark and meet the smiling people that wait for you at the port. They hold a sign with your name and the name of your luxurious greek holiday accommodation, the small hotel you have picked for your romantic getaway.

    It does not take a long time to reach the hotel. On the way there, both of you are silent. You take in the landascape. Easy mountain slopes with olive orchards, blue bays with calm waters inviting you to dive in, white washed buildings and churches scattered in the landscape, carefree people. You already feel relaxed and turn to smile to your loved one.

    When you reach Verina Astra (part of our Boutique hotels in sifnos), the view takes your breath away. Wherever you stand, it seems you are on a balcony overlooking only the sea and the sky. At the right hand side you can see a small town sprawling on a cliff and right beneath you a small church by the sea. You are speechless…

    When you come out from your suite as the evening softly comes, another surprise is waiting for you. The starlit sky and the colours of the evening envelop both of you and invite you to stand still. You just don’t want to break the spell of the moment. But you will, because you know that you will come back and it will be there for you.

    Sifnos is the ideal romantic getaway for honeymooners or for people who want to relax and enjoy the little happy moments life is made of. Eating next to the sea fabulous food, having a drink overlooking the sea and the sky, swimming in crystal clear waters and taking strolls hand in hand in ancient paths. Everything is near, everything is possible. Just think of it and do it.

    If you are looking for a romantic escape, don’t think twice. Sifnos is your ideal destination.