Are you ready for a picnic with a touch of Sifnos?

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    Spending a day at a remote beach or going on a relaxed hike are two of the favourite pastimes on the island. It goes without saying that swimming and hiking can work up your appetite big time. We thought it would be great if we could you send off to your explorations with a little something that will help you make it through the day!

    You can have a nice picnic under the shade after a long swim or an uphill hike. We will be happy to share with you our favourite secret spots for alfresco dining. Your lunch will of course be light, healthy and delicious! The picnic menu includes fresh fruit, cereal bars, boiled eggs and freshly made sandwiches, and a water bottle. All you need to do is decide which sandwich you prefer and let us know before 10 pm the previous evening that you are going on a picnic on the following day. You may choose between the traditional baguette, the vegetarian baguette and the robust baguette. All three are extremely appetising. Did we mention that our chef bakes the bread for them?

    When you come to pick your picnic lunch up though, do not expect the classic picnic basket or box. This picnic has the touch of Sifnos! We were inspired by the “traditional” bags of local farmers and shepherds, who spent hours in the fields and carried their lunch in hand-made canvas backpacks called “drouvas”. We have reproduced these traditional backpacks and decided to use them to pack your food. So, when you leave for your excursion, you will receive a “drouvas” with all your supplies for the day.

    Start planning your excursions and share your plans with us, so that we can make sure that your day will not only be gorgeous, it will also be tasty!