Pottery – discover a traditional art

The rich deposits of clay, the abounding water and the strong sun provided the raw materials, while the skillfulness of the potters ensured the production of a series of utensils used throughout the centuries.

Today, you can visit the workshops, look at the artifacts and buy a cute one to bring back of home – a piece of Sifnos always by your side. You can also take pottery classes with experts that will teach you this ancient art and will lead you in creating your own art.

You can book a class through the hotels. Just ask for more information at the reception and we will assist you in discovering the artist in you.

Isidora Chandeli

About the author: Isidora Chandeli

Isidora is the leader of the Verina team. She has two big passions – Sifnos and interior design. Having chosen to spend most of her life on the island, Isidora is passionate with Sifnos and adores the simple and elegant aesthetics of the local architecture.