The “making-of” a Condé Nast Traveller article

Last summer we invited Rachel Howard, a famous food editor, and David Loftus, an award winning photographer, to come to Sifnos in order to prepare an article for the world renowned travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller (UK edition).

The 12-page article was featured in the May issue of the magazine and also appears in the website of Condé Nast Traveller. This extended presentation puts special emphasis on the culinary character of our island. Titled “The most delicious Greek island of all”, the article beautifully describes the island and the life on it and accurately depicts its distinctive atmosphere, while presenting the special culinary pleasures it offers.

It was very exciting for us to assist in the creation of this wonderful story on Sifnos and to work with two truly talented professionals. As one can also read in the article, we were their guides on the island and we revealed to them our secrets and our accumulated knowledge on Sifnos. Our purpose was to make them see and understand why this island is so unique and delicious in a broad sense.


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    Rachel in action (Photos by Sofia Konstantakopoulou)

    We are very happy that they both became so enthusiastic about Sifnos. Rachel’s text thoroughly communicates this special something that makes our island so inviting to anyone who loves to discover travel treasures that are not massive, but distinctive, perennial. David totally captured the light and the atmosphere of the land in his pictures. We were impressed by the way they both worked – curious about the smallest detail, positive and open to new experiences and adventures. We feel that after spending this time with us, Rachel and David shared this vision we have for Sifnos and wished to communicate it. Maybe this is the reason why the story turned out to be a 12-page article, when initially the plan was for a much smaller presentation.

    In the process we became good friends and we had lots of fun. As both of them had come with their families, we shared much more than working together on a project – a walk from Poulati to Kastro, a boat ride, lots and lots of food, play dates for our little ones.

    We wish to thank them for this beautiful article on Sifnos, as well as for their friendship and wonderful time we spent together! We cannot wait to welcome them again to our island…