Lost in Sifnos

This summer we were happy to welcome at Verina Astra Anna Dawson and Julien Gaulet, a happily married couple of bloggers. Anna in her blog “The Balloon Diary” takes us with her as she walks the streets of Paris or gets lost in different parts of the world.

This summer she decided to get lost in Sifnos and the account of her time here is brilliant. As usually Miltos was happy to share all his little secrets for the island with Anna and she was happy to follow his tips. She has been everywhere holding her characteristic pink balloon and she shared her experiences with the rest of us in a beautiful post with great photos and a fabulous video! When she was not going around, she would relax at one of the best small luxury hotels in Greece enjoying the panoramic views to the sea…

Watch it and you will definitely want to get lost in Sifnos too! Because, as Anna says, “Sifnos is one of Greece’s best kept secrets”.

See Anna’s blog post on Sifnos.