A Journey of Contemporary Art

This summer Sifnos hosted an important art event. With the purpose to turn the island to an international destination for artists and art lovers, a special committee of members that love art and Sifnos invited artists of international fame, offering hospitality, space and inspiration, combining them with Greek artists and artisans, and asked them to participate in the event “Journey of Contemporary Art”.

The result of this effort was the creation of a new “map” of Sifnos with journeys that offered the opportunity to enjoy a series of exhibitions and installations. The works of art were installed in spaces on the island that added their own charm to the experience of art lovers. The event was organized under the auspices of the Municipality of Sifnos and the Cultural Association of Sifnos.

Verina Hotels were happy to support the event. We followed the journey and would like to share with you some images.

Primary School
Sylvia Antoniadi, Alexia Psaradeli, Zoe Gozadinou

Chrysogelos Square
Nikolaos Houtos

Ai Giorgi Square
Patrick Aumont

And Poulati-Kastro path
Alberto Bourdeth

Primary School
Patrick Aumont

Eric Liot

Gymnasium and Steno
Eric Liot, Vincent Guzman, Anna Kache, Avraam Gounaris

Old oil press / Rest. Agianemi
Toula Liasi, Ari Rossner

Nassia Papazoglou

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