Explore your own Aegean Sea

The boat will take you in less than an hour to one of the neighbouring islands: Serifos, Paros, Milos; or you may want to discover the spectacular beaches of the uninhabited island of Polyaigos; or you may want to swim the crystal clear waters at a hidden bay with a white monastery right next to the sea. Whatever you wish, be ready to sail away!

Private boat trips can be organised upon request at the reception of the hotel. Just ask us and we will be happy to set up a beautiful boat excursion for you.

Isidora Chandeli

About the author: Isidora Chandeli

Isidora is the leader of the Verina team. She has two big passions – Sifnos and interior design. Having chosen to spend most of her life on the island, Isidora is passionate with Sifnos and adores the simple and elegant aesthetics of the local architecture.