An evening with Christian Brechneff

Christian Brechneff, famous painter, worshiper of Sifnos and “permanent resident” since the early 70s, returns to his beloved Sifnos! However this time, he will not be here to paint the beautiful landscapes as he did for many years. He is coming back as the writer of the book “The Greek House: The Story of a Painter’s Love Affair with the Island of Sifnos”.

Sifnos remains his inspiration. The history of the island, the people and their everyday life come alive in the pages of his book. Funny and touching stories, sun bathed landscapes, walks in the paths of the ancient city of Kastro, sunsets and sunrises in places filled with magic, are some of the reasons that made the writer fall in love with the island.

This is the story of a twenty-one-year-old painter searching for artistic inspiration and a place to work. He found something more – a haven for over 30 years, a place he could call home.

The book of Christian Brechneff received enthusiastic reviews. Steven Kurutz of the New York Times writes: “After reading the book. . . I wanted to drop everything and go to Sifnos, the rocky island in the Aegean Sea lovingly portrayed in his memoir”.

On Saturday 17 May at 18:00 hours at Verina Astra in Poulati we invite you to meet Christian Brechneff and drink a glass of wine while he presents his book and shares with us his memories.

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