Summertime is not over yet!

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    When August comes, we all feel a little depressed. We may still enjoy our holidays but we start dreading the fall and inevitably the winter. In Greece, we have the habit to wish each other on various occasions and as August progresses we often wish «Kalo chimona» (or «Have a nice winter»). Everyone smiles skeptically upon this wish…

    But the truth is that summertime in Greece is very resilient tempting you for a short escape during September or even early October. September is known as the “mellow month” when the sun is directly over the equator making this period so very sweet on Sifnos island. The weather is warm but not hot, the breeze is cool, the sea is beautiful and the island is less full of people – a mellow and relaxing atmosphere. In a sense, this is the perfect time for vacation!

    There are so many things to see and do during fall on Sifnos – trekking in one of the ancient paths of the island or going to one of the many panigiria taking place in September or strolling the streets of Artemonas. The possibilities are limitless and the conditions perfect.

    So, why don’t you think about it? The team at Verina Hotels will be happy to be at your service until 15 October. Contact us for bookings at