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When we picked the location for Verina Astra, we were confident that the strongest asset of the new luxury boutique hotel would be the view to the Aegean Sea with Paros and Antiparos at the distance. The atmosphere was pure magic at any time of the day: sunrise is a true blessing for the eyes, daytime views are peaceful and relaxing, dusk is romantic and evening is just unforgettable.

Although our expectations were high, we were not prepared for the reactions of our guests to the views from the verandas of their rooms and the breakfast area. We would never be able to put into words their feelings, impressions, memories. Therefore we decided to let them speak for themselves… The following passages are taken from comments our guests left on Trip Advisor and We thank them immensely and we do hope that we will see all of them again very-very soon.

“Try this for the most spectacular view of the Aegean you can find.”

“The view and the terrace with the table and sofa were amazing! All you see is the big blue at daytime, and at night an amazing sky full of stars”.

“Opened the door to a room with a view that will remain with us for the years to come, only if one could also enclose the smell of the fields and sea in text!”

“Really beautiful location, with astonishing view (day and night).”

“We arrived at Verina Astra early in the evening and just before the full moon rise. What we actually saw was beyond our expectations generated by the photos in their site. The definition of the term ‘unlimited sea view’ was just out there in the balcony and terrace of  our hotel room.”

“The chilling area outside the villas is epic, offering the privacy you need with a stunning view!”

“Breathtaking view…You wake up in the morning with the endless blue of the sky and sea which unravels in front you!”

“Watching day and night the breathtaking view you wish to be an artist and find the words or the colours to capture it.”

“Beautiful location, friendly service, all rooms & suites have a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and wonderful verandas.”

“The location is nothing but stunning. The open space verandas offer limitless sea views of the Aegean during the day, reminding you of a ship deck. On moonless nights, you can pass hours and hours staring at the galaxy and listening to the distant surf. Magic… “

“This had one of the most breathtaking views of the many hotels/BnBs we’ve stayed at around the world. The uninterrupted sea stretches on forever and beneath you is a church and to the right is the Kastro. I can’t remember the last time I watched a sunset like that. Our pictures speak for themselves! Stunning!”

“The view from the room was simply magic”.

“Beautiful location with incredibly impressive view. A place to relax and calm down.”

“A magic place that we will never forget! Incredible location for a hotel, under the stars with sensational view (from all the rooms) to the infinite blue of the Aegean”.

“The hotel has the best view on the island.”

“From the almost unreal verandas, you have a stunning view over Kastro and naturally the sea”.

“Calm is majestic and the view stunning.”

“Isolated, small and well tended, with a view that you will never forget.”

Key words are view (amazing), privacy (very relaxing) and service (very friendly).”

“A view that will take your breath away…”

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