Do it like Sifniots do…

A wonderful initiative started in 2015 on our island by the Cooperative Company of Sifnos. A promotion invites locals and foreign guests to reduce the use of plastic bags in everyday life. This promotion is part of a wider initiative that was undertaken by the Hellenic Recycling Agency and aims at reducing the use of plastic bags all over Greece.

Since plastic bags often end up in the sea with catastrophic environmental results, the Greek islands were the first communities that expressed interest in participating in this programme. Alonissos and then Sifnos joined the programme with enthusiasm and are now followed by Santorini and Tinos.

So, Sifnos is standing in the forefront of this initiative that aims at limiting the pollution of the sea and the beaches. Plastic bags represent more than 10% of the litter along the beaches. Moreover, plastic bags are not biodegradable; they are only dissolved in polymeric toxic particles and pollute the sea. Not to mention the dangers they present for sea creatures that mistake them for food often with fatal consequences.

The program includes a series of activities and emphasises on education and behaviour change. Most of the activities target children at school in order to turn them into enthusiasts who will push their parents to drop the habit of using plastic bags in favour of canvas bags.

The Cooperative Company of Sifnos produced canvas bags that are sold in many stores on the island (also in Verina Hotels) and though communication encouraged both locals and guests to use them for their shopping.

Therefore, when you are on Sifnos, do it like Sifniots do… Join us in our efforts to keep Sifnos and the Aegean Sea clean and plastic bag-free!