Summertime and September is easy…

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    We are approaching the end of July and the fleeting thought that summer will be over  sometimes crosses our mind making us anxious to make the most of it. Little do we know… because we forget the sweetness of September! Particularly on Sifnos.

    September is the “mellow month” when the sun is directly over the equator and on Sifnos it bears the best gifts for the people that decide to explore the island. The temperatures are cool and so pleasant, the famous “meltemia” (northern winds in Aegean Sea) are now over and the sea is smooth and welcoming, the busy time of July and August is behind us and everyone is relaxed and eager to enjoy the lasting summer.

    All the options are there for you to choose from without fearing that it may be too hot or too windy or too crowded. Privately enjoy the beaches of Sifnos or the neighbouring islands by boat. The sea is calm and the journey is short and pleasurable. Or take a path and find yourself in a monastery with a magnificent view of the island. The temperature is right, your spirits are high, and there are so many paths to choose from. Rest assured that you will never forget your short or long trekking trip.

    Another September highlight is the “panigiria”, the feasts taking place to honour a patron saint of a church or a monastery. In September there are many and its almost sure that you will have the chance to experience on while you are on the island. Mark September 14th in your calendar, the day of Agios Nikitas’ “panigiri” in Seladi, one of the best to experience with music, dancing and incredible food.

    You may come for a few or more days in September; it does not matter. We can only guarantee to you that this is going to be one of the best vacation you ever had. It is a safe bet and in oder to encourage you to take it we have planned a special offer for September in our luxury hotel suites (Verina Terra) and our unique sea view facing villas Verina Astra.

    If you book 3 overnights or more during September, we throw in one more extra free for you to enjoy! Indulge yourself in the Verina hospitality and make this September a month to remember.

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