Pilates classes

Tone up with perfect control

Pilates emphasizes your body’s core: abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thighs and butt. Classes will teach you how to use your muscles during your workout and in your daily life. Pilates will help you in developing strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance and good posture. All that with a much lower chance of injury compared to any other form of exercise.

Pilates is recommended for everyone,really! And with so many exercise variations and progressions, you may have a hard time getting bored with Pilates!

Vivian, our Pilates instructor, is trained and certified with GRAFTS and was a ballet dancer for 13 years before starting private and studio classes in Athens & Cyprus.

Group Pilates Classes

You will find at the hotel the detailed schedule of group Pilates classes. All group classes take place at the Verina Suites in Platys Gialos. Please come a few moments earlier to settle in. You can wear any comfortable clothes you like.

All levels are welcome. No worries about equipment. We provide everything that is needed.

One hour group class – Price/person: 10 €

Private Pilates Classes

Your private classes can take place either at the yoga deck of Verina Suites or in the intimacy of your terrace. You may take a personal private class or with as many friends as you like.

Classes will be planned according to your holiday schedule. You can choose a one-off introduction class or an intensive weekly program.

You don’t need to bring anything. We will provide the equipment you need for your personal practice.

Prices start from 20 € for a personal private class.

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