Sifnos, 74 square km of blue, scented scrub and ancient towers.
Le Figaro Magazine
Hidden Sifnos
Sifnos is all about softness with its landscapes and sophistication with its architecture and gastronomy.
Le Figaro
Hidden Sifnos
Sifnos captivates the visitor with its hidden charms. It seems a barren place of rugged hills as you approach by sea, until the port of Kamares appears, as if by magic.
Lonely Planet
Hidden Sifnos
Hidden Sifnos

Hiking excursions

If you are a hiking fan, do not miss the opportunity to explore the island on foot. Sifnos has more than 100 km of professionally designed and way-marked trails, a real paradise for a hiking afficionado. So make sure you pack your hiking shoes!

Hidden Sifnos

Boat excursions

Get ready for some island hopping. Explore your options for a boat trip around Sifnos or one of the neighbouring islands. Swim in secluded bays or discover uninhabited islands. Enjoy an experience that will make these holidays even more special!

Hidden Sifnos

Pottery classes

There are sixteen pottery workshops carrying on a thousand year tradition. Pottery on Sifnos dates back to 3000 BC – a true heritage that still survives to our days. Spend some time with a local artisan and make your own ceramic!